How Much Does It Cost To Start A Blog? 5 Things You Should Know

How Much Does It Cost To Start A Blog? - Want to start a blog? 

Right decision!

But, do you ever think that how much does it cost to start a blog?

So, through this article, I am going to explain to you what are the things in which you have to spend money to start a Blog. 

But before talking about our topic let me clear you one thing. I will tell you about the things and cost you should spend to start a blog and also that cost which you have to invest after some months of starting a blog. 

Starting a blog is not easy work. Well, you may hear that you can start a blog for free. Yes, absolutely right!

There are many methods by which you can start a blog for free.

Well, most of the newbie person wants to start a blog for free. Everyone wants profit with no or minimal investment.

This is absolutely true that you can earn a lot and a lot of money through blogging. But this is also true that:

Cheap things gives you cheap results.”

Yes, you can start a blog for absolutely free with no investment. But there are many limitations and disadvantages of a free blog

Before talking about How Much Does It Cost To Start A Blog? let us first discuss that, why you shouldn't go for a free blog?

Why You Shouldn't Go For A Free Blog?

How Much Does It Cost To Start A Blog?

How Much Does It Cost To Start A Blog?

If you want to start a blog with 0 costs. So this is possible. There many websites that give you a free domain or hosting to start a blog. 

But remember that no website will provide you the TLD domain for free. You will get a subdomain and not so good hosting. With which you can start a blog just for learning how things work.

If you want to earn money with a blog and want to make your blog successful so you should invest in your blog.

But if you are a newbie and you don't know much about Blogging that how to start a blog and other things about Blogging. So, my recommendation is always that you should create a free blog first.

But again, if you want to be successful or to make your blog successful you should invest in your blog or website. 

Now, let's discuss about the disadvantages of using or starting a free blog.

Disadvantages Of a Free Blog


  • You will get subdomain or low level domain.
  • Weak Hosting.
  • No security of Blog.
  • Minimum or no chances of ranking on search engines.
  • Not user-friendly.
  • No full control over Blog.

These are some disadvantages of a free blog. The main disadvantage is that a free blog has very minimum or fewer chances of ranking.

However, some blogs with free domain or hosting are ranking on google but in only low competition keywords, and less volume.

You can't beat a Top Level Domain with free domain on same keyword.

Overall, If you want to make money and make your blog successful then definitely you have to spend on your blog. And if you are a beginner and just want to learn blogging then you should use Free websites to create your blog. 

Things You Need To Start a Blog

Things You Need TO Start a Blog

How Much Does It Cost To Start A Blog?

Now, let us talk about our main topic which is How Much Does It Cost To Start A Blog? 

Well, before talking about this let me clear one thing.

You should have a Laptop or a Computer and a good internet connection to start a blog. In today's time, everyone has a PC and internet. But there are some people who try to start blogs on mobile phone.

It is possible to Blog with a mobile phone but also very much difficult. To customize and write articles easily you must have a PC. So the first thing you need to start a blog is a PC and a good internet connection.

So now, let's talk about the things which you need to start a blog and to make your blog successful and professional. 

1. Domain Name

The first thing you need to start a blog is a Domain Name. Well, many of you know what the domain name is and many of you don't know.

So, a domain name is a name or the address of any website. The actual address of any website is it's IP address. But there is a system called DNS (Domain Name System) which is used to give a unique name to any website. 

This makes it easier to learn the address of any website and to understand it just by its name. For example, is the domain name of this website. But the actual address of this website is it's IP address.

Coming again to the topic, So to start a blog first you have to purchase a domain name. Mainly, there are 3 types of domain names.

  • TLD Domain Name
  • ccTLD Domain Name
  • Sub Domain

1. TLD Domain Name - TLD means Top Level Domain. This type of domain is top level and the chances of ranking are higher of this type of domain name. For example, .org, .co, etc. These domain extensions come under TLD.

2. ccTLD Domain Name - It means Country Code Top Level Domain. These are also like the top-level domain names. But it includes only the country code extensions domain. For example - 

  • India - .in
  • USA - .us
  • United Kingdom -
  • Canada - .ca
  • Australia -

3. Subdomain - These types of domain names are part of your main domain. This means you have to purchase any domain and then you can create a subdomain. For example -

Here is the main domain and is a subdomain. 

There are many Low-Level Domain extensions also. But you have to only use Top Level Domain names. You will get a low-level domain name for free on any domain provider sites. 

For a starting a blog you can choose TLD or ccTLD depending upon your blog niche or topic. For example, if you are planning to rank in a particular country like India so you can purchase .in extension domain.

And if you want to rank your blog in every country so you can purchase whether .com or .org and other TLD domains also.

You will easily get a .com extension domain around 12$. And if you purchase any other extension domain so that maybe cost less or high. You can check prices on Domain provider websites.

Some popular domain provider sites are - 

2. Hosting

The next step after purchasing a domain is to purchase a Hosting. Hosting make your website live on WWW (World Wide Web).​

Hosting is like a storage where you can store your website data and allow it to show everyone on the Internet. 

It is very important to purchase a good hosting. Because the visitor to your website is handled by Hosting. If in case your website got high traffic so there are high chances of the website down if you purchase the wrong hosting.

Well, at stating every website has low or no traffic. That's why every blogger recommend Shared Hosting if you are starting a new website.

Because Shared Hosting is less costly and gives many benefits like another type of Hosting's. 

There are many type of Hosting's -

  • Shared Hosting
  • VPS Hosting
  • Business Hosting
  • Cloud Hosting
  • Dedicated Hosting
  • Reseller Hosting

Now, you can purchase any hosting according to your budget. But for a new startup of Blog, I will recommend you to purchase Shared Hosting. Because shared hosting is affordable and best for the blog.

The price of shared hosting varies. Every hosting provider has there different prices of Shared Hosting according to plans. 

Some popular Hosting providers are:

Now, it is up to you to choose any website of Hosting and purchase shared hosting. Every website has it's own different plans and pricing. You just have to select according to your budget. 

If you purchase the Basic plan of shared hosting so it will cost you around 60$ to 70$ if you purchase hosting for a year.

But there are many more Hosting providers accept these. And they are providing hosting on very affordable price range. You just have to some research and search for a affordable hosting according your budget.

3. WordPress Theme/Template

After purchasing a Domain name and a Hosting and installing WordPress. The next step where you have to spend is WordPress Theme. 

Well, it is fully optional. There are thousands of themes or template available only which are absolutely free. You can use them to make your blog professional and beautiful. 

Theme change the appearance of your blog and make it look more amazing and beautiful. So, you have to select the best theme for your blog according to your blog niche.

Now, there is a difference between Paid Themes and Free Themes. However, for every niche Free and Paid both themes are available and both Free and Paid themes are well organized and good looking. 

Disadvantages of Free Themes​


  • Very few updates in comparison of Paid Themes.
  • There are very less features in Free Themes.
  • Free Themes loads slow.
  • Lack of customizability and security.

But if you have a low budget, so you can use free WordPress themes also. But when your Blog getting popular and traffic so you should have to change the free theme and install a paid theme. But at starting it is fully optional.

4. WordPress Plugins

After installing the theme on WordPress. The next step to set up a blog is installing Plugins. Well, as like themes this is also fully optional

Plugins are like software that you can install in your WordPress blog. Plugins enhance the website and help in customization of the blog. 

Not only customization but also plugin helps you to write articles and in many ways plugins are useful. There are lot and lot of WordPress plugins. Some are paid and some are free.

Plugins are available for different use. For example, if you want to add social media icons on your blog, so you have to install a plugin. For SEO (Search Engine Optimization) there are many plugins.

Means plugins make your work easier and help to improve your blog. So, for every category, there are paid plugins as well as free plugins. 

Paid plugins provide you many premium features and Free plugins not. But it is not necessary that you have to use paid plugins. For every paid plugin there is a free alternative. 

So, at starting you can use free WordPress Plugins. But when you think that it is very important for your blog to use premium features then you can purchase any WordPress Plugin. 

5. SEO Tools

Now the important thing on which most of the bloggers spend money is SEO Tools. Well, it is not important to purchase SEO tools to start a blog. But it is important for your blog ranking and traffic. 

SEO tools mainly contain that tools which bloggers use to do keyword research and that tools which are used to make blog article SEO Friendly.

If you want to make your blog successful so definitely you have to rank your blog post on top. And for it, you need to do keyword research. But keyword research tools are paid.

However, there are many keyword research tools that you can use for absolutely free. But more details and accuracy are in Paid Tools like Ahrefs and SemRush

Like keyword research tools, there are so many SEO tools for other work also like tools for On-Page SEO, Link Building Tools, Analytics Tools, and many more. Many are paid and many are free.

At the start, you can try free tools but to rank on top, and to be successful you should use some paid SEO tools. And for proper research only paid tools will help you.

How Much Does It Cost To Start A Blog?

How Much Does It Cost To Start A Blog?

How Much Does It Cost To Start A Blog?

Now, the main things which you need to start a Blog are Domain and a Hosting. Without Theme, Plugins, and SEO tools you can start a blog. But at a stage, you must have to spend money on these things. How Much Does It Cost To Start A Blog?

So we will only include the expenditure of Domain and Hosting. So, a Domain name with 1-year registration cost you around 12$, and hosting with the registration of 1 year cost you around 60$.

It may vary according to your chosen Hosting provider and Domain name Provider.

Because every provider has their own different price value. Overall, to start a blog it cost you around 70$.

Again I am telling you, it may vary according to your selected Domain Provider and Hosting Provider. And if you want to purchase all the things like Theme, Plugins, and SEO Tools, So it will cost much more. 

Because every theme and plugin has its own different price. And also different SEO tools have their own different prices.

FAQ Related To How Much Does It Cost To Start A Blog?

How Much Does It Cost To Start A Blog?

How Much Does It Cost To Start A Blog?


Do I have to pay to start a blog? (How Much Does It Cost To Start A Blog?)

Yes of course, to start a blog you have to spend money. According to your blog topic it may very that How much you have to spend to start a blog. To start a blog in 2020 the cost of starting a blog will around 50$ to 70$.


Do bloggers get paid?

Yes, there are many ways by which you can earn from your blog or Bloggers get paid. Through Ads networks, Affiliate Marketing, Promotions etc. bloggers earn money.


Is it worth starting a blog in 2020?

Yes, you should start a blog in 2020. Because with blogging you can earn lot of real money. Everyone now is treating blogging as a business. So yes it is worth to start a blog in 2020.

Wrapping Up

I hope you all understood that How Much Does It Cost To Start a Blog? And everything that I explain to you in this article.

If you have a good knowledge of a particular niche or topic like technology, food, etc. So you should start a blog and share your knowledge with everyone. 

Also you can earn lot of money through your blog.

If you want to start a blog for free, so must read this article - How To Start A Blog For Free?

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