How To Do Affiliate Marketing? Best Ways To Start Affiliate Marketing in 2020

How To Do Affiliate Marketing? - If you want to earn passive income while sleeping, So this article is only for you.

Affiliate Marketing is the best way to earn a lot of money just by sitting at home and without a lot of effort.

But the important thing is, that you must know about Affiliate Marketing, then only you will get conversions.

Well, Affiliate Marketing is a very vast topic. There are many techniques and things by which you can earn a lot of money.

Today, In this article I'll explain to you that How To Do Affiliate Marketing? And everything that a beginner must know.

What Is Affiliate Marketing

How To Do Affiliate Marketing?

Before learning about How To Do Affiliate Marketing? First of all let's understand that What is Affiliate Marketing?

Basically, in affiliate marketing you have to promote the products of any other companies. And if anyone of your visitor purchase that product through your given Affiliate link, you will get a commission.

Simple, Right?

Many companies and e-commerce websites like Amazon, Flipkart, etc. allow Affiliate Program on their website to increase the sales of products and site popularity. And for this, they give commission to those people who gave customers to them.

You can select any product that you like and you just have to promote that product, you can promote3 it on any social media, Blog/Website, Youtube, or anywhere you want.

The main thing is that you got sales through your affiliate link. You can earn thousands of dollars through affiliate marketing. You just have to promote your chosen product in the best way. 

So that, people will convince and purchase that product from your affiliate link.

Benefits Of Affiliate Marketing


  • Low risk in comparison to Dropshipping
  • Very less start-up cost
  • Targeted Audience
  • High profit
  • Visitors Trust
  • Easy to setup in comparison of Dropshipping and Digital Marketing

How To Do Affiliate Marketing?

How To Do Affiliate Marketing?

How To Do Affiliate Marketing?

To do affiliate marketing you must follow some steps. But before that, you should have to decide where you have to promote the affiliate product.

Means, from where people will see your promoted product and purchase that from your affiliate link.

Well, you can promote your affiliate links on Youtube, Social Media, and website/blog.

Promoting affiliate products on a website or blog is more preferable. Because there through SEO you can drive targeted traffic to it. And that traffic will see the product review and also they will purchase that product through your affiliate link.

So, if you want more conversions and more sales, so you should have to start a website first. And for this you need a domain and hosting. 

However, you can start a blog for free and for paid also. 

Now, after that you have to follow some steps of How To Do Affiliate Marketing?

1. Choose A Niche

First of all, you must have to select a niche to do affiliate marketing. Well, niche means a topic or a category.

If you want to earn a lot of money and to be a success in affiliate marketing. So you have to focus on one niche. For example - Technology Products, Home Appliances, Blogging, etc.

These are some broad niches or categories that you can select for affiliate marketing. However, there are many niches, you just have to find out one for you.

It is important to select niche because if you focus on only one niche your blog or website got audience who are interested on that particular niche. Means you got targeted audience.

And targeted audience is best for Affiliate Marketing. 

If you have previously have some targeted audience, like you previously have a blog, YouTube channel, or have followers on social media so definitely you can target them also. Because you already have audience, you can select best suitable product for them and promote it.

2. Join Affiliate Program

After selecting a niche, you have to join Affiliate Program according to that selected niche. 

For example, if you selected a technology niche where you decided to promote products like Phones, TV, Laptop, so you can join Affiliate Programs of e-commerce sites like Amazon Affiliate Program, Flipkart Affiliate Program, etc.

Just because they provide those products. You have to select products from those e-commerce sites and promote or review them and continence your visitors or viewers to purchase that product.

If you select a niche like Blogging, so you can join Affiliate Programs of some Hosting company's website and SEO Tools website. And then you can promote their services or tools and convince your blog visitors to use those website's services.

Overall, the thing is you have to select the Affiliate Program of those websites where your selected niche products and services are available.

3. Select Products or Services To Promote

After successfully joining the Affiliate Program of any website according to your select niche, you have to select the best product or service to promote.

It is also a very much essential part because to get high conversions you have to pick the best product/service, then only you can convince people to purchase it.

Well, if you joined an e-commerce website Affiliate Program, so you have many varieties of products. You have to find out that product which is best in quality also affordable. 

Try to find out the products or services in which people get a discount. Then only people with attract to that product and purchase it with your given Affiliate Link.

After selecting the product you have to generate its affiliate link. And copy that. 

4. Share Affiliate Link to Blog/Social Media

After selecting product or service you have to share it in your social media or in your Blog/Website.

If you created a separate blog for affiliate marketing, so you should write a full review about that product and give a link on that post.

So that if you that post will rank on Google or any other search engine, people will come and read the review, and if they like that product, they will purchase it from your affiliate link.

You have to do SEO in your blog, then only your blog posts will rank on search engines and you will get conversions. 

5. Commission

After doing all the above mention things, you have to wait and analyze your Affiliate account regularly.

Whenever anyone purchases from your given affiliate link, you will receive a commission on your account.

After collecting commissions, you can transfer that amount to your Bank account.

The rate of the commission depends upon your selected e-commerce website or Affiliate Program website. Every affiliate website provides a different rate of commission. You have to select that one which provides a higher rate of commission.

Then only you can earn passive income. So, these are the some 5 steps of How To Do Affiliate Marketing?

FAQs Related To How To Do Affiliate Marketing?

How To Do Affiliate Marketing?

How To Do Affiliate Marketing?


Q.1 Is Affiliate Marketing Easy?

Well, absolutely no. According to some studies, it is proven that Affiliate Marketing isn't easy. Just because you have to convince people to purchase that particular product. And to get targeted traffic you have to do a lot of hard work. So, for conversions, you have to do hard work.


Q.2 What is the highest paying Affiliate Program?

Well, there is a lot of affiliate program that provides a high commission rate. But FIVERR is number one. FIVERR Affiliate Program provides the highest commission than any other Affiliate Program.


Q.3 How much does it cost to start affiliate marketing?

To start affiliate marketing you just need a website. And you only have to pay for making a website. Well, it costs you around 50$ to 80$ per month. The amount can vary. Read this - How Much Does It Cost To Start A Blog?​

Wrapping Up

I hope you all guys understood about Affiliate Marketing and​ How To Do Affiliate Marketing?

Well, it all starts with a website. So you have to first start a blog or website in order to start Affiliate Marketing and earn a lot of money. But if you have a lot of audience on any other platform, so you can promote your affiliate links there instead of making a website.

But, it is always recommendable that, start a website for Affiliate Marketing then only you can earn thousands of $ through Affiliate Marketing. 

So that is it for today's guys. If you have any doubt regarding How To Do Affiliate Marketing? or Blogging, So make sure to comment down below and ask your query, I will definitely help you.​​

Happy Blogging!

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