How To Start A Blog For Free? Create A Blog For Free | 2020

How To Start A Blog For Free? - Want to start a Blog.


But don't have enough money to start a blog. 

Don't worry. I am here to help you. Today in this article, I will tell you that How To Start A Blog For Free?

Well, if you want to be success in blogging or to earn from your blog. So definitely, you should have to invest in your blog. Read now that How Much Does It Cost To Start A Blog?

But if you want to learn how things work, and want some experience in Blogging before investing. Then you can go for a free blog obviously.

So let's begin our today's topic How To Start A Blog For Free? without any delay.

Free Blog Vs Paid Blog

Free Blog Vs Paid Blog

Paid Blog

  • You will get a domain name of your own. 
  • There is high chance of ranking in the case of a Paid blog.
  • In paid blog, you can self select hosting and many services like Storage, Bandwidth, SSL etc. 
  • You can fully customize your Blog. 

Free Blog

  • You will only get 
  • There very less chances of ranking of a free blog. However, some free blog ranks but on less competition and low traffic keywords.
  • Free blogging sites gives you limited storage and limited services.
  • Their are very limitations on customization of Blog. 

Free Blogging Platforms 

Before talking about How To Start A Blog For Free? Let's discuss about blogging platforms. Well, there are lots of websites by which you can start a free blog. But some provide you the best facilities and services and some not.

Definitely, you will not get all the services and benefits if you create a free blog. But the services and facilities you got with a free blog are enough to experience blogging and learn about it.

Well, it isn't easy to start a free blog. As I already told you that there are lots of websites that provide free blogging service.

So, first, you have to select which platform is best suitable for. So let's first discuss some free blogging platforms. Then we will discuss How To Start a Blog For Free?

1. Google Blogger

Google Blogger is a very famous blogging platform. And the best thing about this platform is that it is completely free. Also, there is no unwanted advertisement, which usually free blogging platforms shows.

With Google Blogger, you can start your Blog for absolutely free. You will get a sub domain and a storage to store your website. With this Google Blogger platform you can create your own blog for absolutely free.

But remember that Google Blogger is not a CMS (Control Management System) like WordPress. This means you can't customize the dashboard or anything. You can just customize your blog with only given features. You can't add additional features or Plugins in Google Blogger.

But the main thing is with Google Blogger you can create your own free blog and anyone on the Internet can access or read your Blog. 

And to generate revenue from your blog. There is a separate section of earning in Google Blogger. You can connect your Google Adsense account with Google Blogger and can show ads on your Blog. And from those ads you can earn money.

2. WIX

Wix can also help you to create a free blog. Actually not only a Blog. You can also create a professional website by using Wix for absolutely free. It is a website builder you can use for free.

However, it is not fully free. Means there are some benefits and some extra features which you will only get when you purchase it's premium plans. In free plan there is very less features and also some disadvantages.

But to learn and to take experience you can use free plan. Because this is a website builder. You will get thousands of template. You just have to select one and start editing.

The interface of Wix is very clean and clear. You can easily customize and edit your website or Blog. And also you can publish articles with it. 

But if you use free plan. Wix will show some ads on your Blog of their own. Means the blog you will get is not fully yours. There are some limitations of customization and in other things. 

Overall, WIX allows you to create your own blog for free, and anyone on the Internet can access that Blog. But in a free blog, you don't have full access, and unwanted ads are also shown in that Blog.

3. Strikingly

Another best platform to start a Blog for free is Strikingly. This blogging platform offers you many things through which you can start a blog for absolutely free.

Strikingly gives you a sub-domain for free and some limited storage to store your website. Well, as like WIX this platform, it also has some premium plans available. If you want some more advantages and features, you can also purchase its premium plans.

And with Strikingly, you can create only a one-page Blog. However, there is an option to write articles and other things. But you can't create different-different pages. But there are many themes and templates available for a one-page blog.

And as like WIX, Strikingly also will ad 1 or more ads on your blog and you can't remove it. It is because Strikingly providing you so many things for free. So they just put some ads on your Blog or your blog Backend

Overall, it is also a best free blogging platform for those people who only want to create a 1 page blog. And for learning of course. 

4. HubPages

Last but not least, the blogging platform is HubPages. Well, it is not a platform where you can create a website. But it is a community where you can share blog posts or write articles and publish.

The community of bloggers are very huge in HubPages. There are millions of people using HubPages. You just have to create a free account there and start writing articles or sharing your another blog posts.

HubPages allow you to connect with thousands of peoples through your blog post. You can also create your own community there.

Overall, here you can create your free blog and make a community. Like you publish articles and post on a Blog, the same you can do here. But you can't customize anything.

How To Start A Blog For Free? || Create a Blog For Free

How To Start A Blog For Free?

How To Start A Blog For Free?

Now, after selecting the best free blogging platform, you have to start working or creating a free blog.

Well, First let's talk about which free blogging platform you have to select? The most popular free blogging platform that many people use is Blogger. In fact, I also use Blogger at my initial stage of Blogging. And I start learning about Blogging through Google Blogger.

Google Blogger provides you domain+Hosting, and also It's the interface is very easy. That's why I recommend you to use Google Blogger.

So now, let's start to learn How To Start A Blog For Free with Google Blogger?

Now follow all the steps given below to create a blog for absolutely free.

Steps - How To Start A Blog For Free? -


Firstly you have to visit Google Blogger official site. And then click on CREATE YOUR BLOG option. 

How To Start A Blog For Free


Then after Blogger will redirect you to the sign-in page and you have to sign in with your Google Account. And you can also create a new google account if you do not have any.

How To Start A Blog For Free


After successfully sign in. You have to enter your blog name. A pop will be shown to you, and there you have to type TITLE or Name of your blog. You can type any name you want for your blog. 

How To Start A Blog For Free


Then after another pop-up will be shown to you and there you have to choose your blog address. Means the domain of blog. As I told you before that Google Blogger gives you a sub-domain for free. 

And here you have to choose a name. You will get a sub-domain. After choosing name you have to click on Next.

How To Start A Blog For Free


Then you have to write a Display Name. That is shown in your blog. You have to write your own name there that you want to be shown to your blog readers. After that, click on Finish.

How To Start A Blog For Free

So after following these steps, your blog will be ready. You can check by entering your blog address on search bar, that your blog is live on internet or not.

Then you can customize your blog and can write blog post in your blog.

I explain to you in the very simplest way how to start a blog for free? Google Blogger is the best platform to create a free blog. 

What To Do After Creating A Blog?

Now, after you create a free blog, the question is what to do? 

So after creating a free blog, first you have to customize it or add a new template/theme. And then customize it according to your blog niche.

You can see the THEME option at Blogger dashboard. Just click on it, and then you can upload Blogger theme and customize it as you want.

After some customization, you can write blog posts and publish so that your blog visitor will read your blog posts.

Then start writing blog posts, submit your blog post in different search engines and many more things are there to do.

In blogging, there are many things like SEO. Without SEO, you can't rank your blog posts on Search Engines. And if your blog does not rank, then your blog will not get organic traffic.

What is SEO And How It Works?

How To Monetize Free Blog?

How To Monetize Free Blog?

How To Monetize Free Blog?

After starting blog and publishing content on it, the next step is to monetize your blog.

First of all, let me remind you again that there are very fewer chances to earn money with a free blog. If you successfully rank your blog on the search engine, then you can earn a lot of money through your blog.

Well, there are many genuine ways to earn from a blog. But with a free blog, you can't earn a lot of money or be successful. I am telling you three genuine ways from which you can earn money through a free blog easily. 

Ways To Monetize A Free Blog

1. Ad Networks

The best and easiest way to monetize a blog, whether it is a paid blog or free blog Ad networks is the best option for you.

There many ad networks, you can place their ad codes on your blog. And they will show some ads on your blog, and whenever you blog visitor click on it, you will get paid.

The best ad network is Google Adsense. You can use it with Google Blogger easily. Also, you can place ads of it if you created a blog in any different platform. But to show ads of Google Adsense, first, you have to take approval for your blog.

Or you can also select any other Ad network to earn. There are so many, you can search about some on internet.

2. Affiliate Marketing

The another way by which you can earn with your free and also with a paid blog is Affiliate Marketing. Actually, you can earn more than any ad network with Affiliate Marketing.

In Affiliate Marketing, you have to promote some products of an e-commerce site, and when any of your blog visitor purchases that product from your Affiliate Link then you will get a good commission.

To do this, you have to join the affiliate program of e-commerce site like Amazon Affiliate, Flipkart Affiliate etc. You can select anyone. Affiliate Marketing is a vast topic. You can search and learn about it on the internet.

3. Link Shortner 

Through some link shortner sites also you can earn lot of money through your free and paid blog as well. 

Link shortner sites just shorten the link you want. And if anyone click on that shorten link and go through that shorten link, you will get paid. Now, you can insert shorten link in your blog and send your blog visitor to it.

Some popular link shortner are:

FAQ Related To How To Start A Blog For Free?

How To Start A Blog For Free?

How To Start A Blog For Free?


 What is the most popular Blog site?

Well, the most popular Blogging platform or you can Blog site is It is fully paid if you want to create a blog in, so you have to pay for hosting and for the domain name as well.


 Should I start a blog in 2020?

Yes, of course. Blogging is still profitable, and millions of people read blog posts. But in today's time, most of the people want to watch the live video instead of reading long content. But still, blogging is profitable.


How much money do I need to start a blog?

The cost of starting a blog totally depends upon your choice or what type of blog you want to start, as the niche of blog etc.

The average cost of starting a new blog is around 40$ to 60$. If you want to know exact read, this article -  How Much Does It Cost To Start A Blog?

Wrapping Up

So that is it for today guys, I hope you all fully understand all the things I explained to you about How To Start A Blog For Free and all the things. 

It is straightforward to start a free blog. But to be successful and to earn money, you should have to spend some money and create a professional blog. Then only you can earn a lot of money through Blogging.

However, for learning purpose Free Blog is best. Now, I hope after reading this article, you can easily create a blog, and you don't need to search again that How To Start A Free Blog, and anything about starting a blog.

Now, if you have any doubt about Blogging so freely ask your doubt in comment section or you can also contact me through Contact Us page.


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