My Response Is On My Own Website: Build Quality Backlinks

Want to know What is ‘My Response Is On My Own Website’?

So read this article at last!

So, welcome to the Blogging Karo website. I am Shivam Ahuja and today I am gonna tell and explain to you all about the “My Response Is On My Own Website”.

If you are a blogger, so you definitely heard about it. 

But most of the blogger does not know about it that What is the “My Response Is On My Own Website” and How To Use It?

If you are also the one, who does not know about it. Read this article at last. Because at the end I will also provide you some list through which you can use this method.


And if you successfully applied this method to your Blog or Website, then you can absolutely rank your website higher on any search engine and can get thousands of traffic.

So to do it, first understand all the things about it.

What is the ‘My Response Is On My Own Website’?

Well, there are many websites that allow other bloggers or website owners to create a backlink on their websites.

So those type of website’s groups are known as My Response Is On My Own Website.

Through it, you can create High-Quality Do-Follow or No-Follow Backlinks for your website quickly. You don’t have to wait for your reference approval. Those groups of websites will approve your backlink instantly.

That’s why many bloggers who are doing Event Blogging use this “My Response Is On My Own Website” group of websites to build high-quality do-follow and no-follow links to their site and rank higher or search engines.

As we all know, in SEO (Search Engine Optimization) Backlinks also matters a lot. If you want to beat your competitor in less time, so you should have to create Backlinks.

And not just only backlinks, you have to create High Quality Backlinks.

So, by using this group of websites you can easily and quickly create High-Quality Backlinks to your website or blog.

Is ‘My Response Is On My Own Website’ Method is Effective?

What is the 'My Response Is On My Own Website'?

Yes, of course. This method is very much effective for your blog or website. As I told you that through this method you can build high-quality do follow as well as no-follow backlinks, So backlinks always are effective for any website.

Through backlinks you can boost up your blog or blog posts rankings as well as your website’s Domain Authority will also increase.

And all the websites that come under ‘My Response Is On My Own Website‘ are high authority websites. And they are getting thousands of traffic per day.

So, if you will create backlinks from those groups of websites, your blog or website will also get traffic from those websites.


  • You can create High-Quality Do-follow and No-Follow Backlink for your website for absolutely free.
  • Your reference will instantly be approved and you quickly get a backlink for your blog.
  • Backlinks from these websites will index faster.
  • All the websites that come under ‘My Response Is On My Own Website‘ is of High Domain Authority and Page Authority.
  • No-Follow backlinks also give your website a huge benefit.
  • Your blog or website will get traffic as well with a high-quality backlink.
  • Because of the high quality backlinks your website or blog Domain Authority will also increase.
  • With backlinks from “My Response Is On My Own Website” sites your blog ranking will increase.

So, your blog will get all these benefits if you successfully create any type of backlinks through the ‘My Response Is On My Own Website‘ group of websites.

Benefits PROOF:

Now, I will show you some proof of these benefits which I just told you.

It is clear that you can build High-Quality Backlinks through the ‘My Response Is On My Own Website‘ group of websites. And just because of those backlinks your blog will get many benefits.

So, while finding more about the group of these websites, I found a website that takes many high-quality backlinks from the group of those websites.

The website domain name is “”. So, now let’s check out it’s all statistics.

MOZ Domain and Page Authority

My Response Is On My Own Website

As you can see, the Moz Domain Authority of this website is 59 out of 100 that is very much good.

A website with 20+ Domain Authority is considered a good website. And the Page Authority is 45, that is also very good.

So, these are the Moz Statistics of this website, that is very good.

Now, let’s checkout it’s Domain Statistics according to Ahrefs.

Ahrefs Domain Rating –

My Response Is On My Own Website

So as you can see, the Domain Rating of this domain is too high. This means the possibility of the ranking of this domain is more in comparison to other less Domain Rating domain names.

  • Domain Authority – 59
  • Page Authority – 45
  • Domain Rating – 63
  • Alexa Ranking (Global) – 1,250,357

So, just because of making Do-Follow or High-Quality Backlinks this domain increases its Authority as well as traffic.

I hope you all now understand the benefits of ‘My Response Is On My Own Website‘. You can also increase the authorities of your website like this one.

Now, let’s take a look at the steps through which you can build high-quality links through this method.

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How To Build Backlinks From ‘My Response Is On My Own Website’?

Now, you have to take action and build high-quality backlinks to your blog or website through this method. You have to follow all the given steps very carefully, then only you can build links to your blog.


First of all, you have to open in your browser. If your browser will open Google as per your country. For example –,, then again search


Then you have to search “My Response Is On My Own Website”. Then you will get lots and lots of websites where you can easily create do follow backlinks for your blog or website.

But Wait,

There you will get different categories and different niches of websites. If you want to create a backlink for your website on a specific niche or specific category. So you can do it also.

You just have to add your niche keyword at the last of “My Response Is On My Own Website”.

For Example –

‘My Response Is On My Own Website Health’

‘My Response Is On My Own Website SEO’

‘My Response Is On My Own Website Business’

‘My Response Is On My Own Website News’

‘My Response Is On My Own Website Technology

So these are some keywords that you can use to search according to your blog or website niche and category. And you can also select the niche of those websites according to your Blog Post topic for which you want to create backlinks.

STEP 3 –

Here is the main step which you have to follow very much carefully. After searching your niche wise website. You have to select ‘My Response Is On My Own Website‘ website’s to create backlinks on that.

Well, mostly all websites are of High Quality, means mostly all the website have High Domain and Page Authority. But some of them have also high Spam Score.

And if you build a backlink from a high spam score site, so the impact on your blog and website of it is totally negative.

That’s why before start building links, you should check the statistics of that website first. And for it, you can use the WebsiteSEOChecker page authority checker tool to get the Domain and Page Authority of that particular site as well as spam score.

More the DA, PA more benefit your site will get but also Spam Score should be less. Always remember that you have to create backlinks on websites with 1% or 0 Spam Score.

STEP 4 –

After selecting a webiste with High Domain and Page Authority and less of with no Spam Score. You have to visit that website at scroll down at last.

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Then you have to click on “My Response Is On My Own Website”.

My Response Is On My Own Website

After that you can fill all the details of you and your website to create a High Quality Backlink to your site.

My Response Is On My Own Website

All Done!

List Of Some High Authority “My Response Is On My Own Website” Websites

S.NoWebsites Links

NOTE: Check Spam Score of every website before building links.

Create Instant Approval Dofollow Backlink (Video)

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

My Response Is On My Own Website
My Response Is On My Own Website

Is there any negative impact of creating backlinks through this method?

No, there is no disadvantage or negative point if you create backlinks through this method.

But of course, you have to check the Spam Score of that website before creating backlinks. if you create backlinks on less spam score websites, then there is no negative impact.

Can we rank blog post with this method?

Yes, of course, you can increase your blog post URL rating by making high authority backlinks to it. And then definitely you can compete with your competitor and can rank higher on Google or any other search engine as well.

Is NoFollow good for SEO?

Yes of course. However, most of the search engines or webmaster didn’t follow or count NoFollow links.

But there is some webmaster like Google who said that The Nofollow links can improve your site PR. So definitely, Nofollow links are also good for SEO.

What is the impact of Backlinks on Website?

Well, if you create backlinks for your websites, then definitely your blog or website DA (Domain Authority) or DR (Domain Ranking) will increase and the articles or blog posts of your blog rank higher on search engines.

This is the main benefit of Backlinks to your website. Because of backlinks Link Juice will increase.

Is Backlinks is important for Ranking?

Well, this thing is fully matters on what type of content or on in what keyword you are working. For high competition keywords, of course, you have to create backlinks to rank your site. But if the keyword is very less competitive, so your blog post can rank without any backlinks also.

So the thing is you have to make backlinks after full research.

Wrapping Up

So Bloggers, I hope you all understood all the things about “My Response Is On My Own Website”. It is a very great method to Build links to your blog or website.

As you all know the benefits of creating backlinks to a website. Your website Domain and Page Authority will increase, Domain Rating will increase and of course, your blog will get a boost in rankings.

So, there are lots and lots of benefits to creating backlinks through this backlinks building method.

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If you have any queries or questions regarding this or any topic regarding Blogging then comment down below.

Happy Blogging!

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